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Pursuit Digital takes an analytical approach to digital storytelling and believe the best strategies include acquisition and branding components. Let us create a custom digital marketing program for you!



Pursuit Digital works with brands to build their digital presence.

We take an analytical approach to digital storytelling and believe the best strategies include acquisition and branding components. Let us create a custom digital marketing program for you!

Content Creation: we work with you to bring your brand to life via imagery, video, and graphics. You are then free to use it as you see fit for any of your digital platforms and print marketing needs. Just looking for help curating already existing content? We can do that too! 

Social Media Management: we’ll do the heavy lifting of your daily social posts and social customer service as well as engaging with similar accounts and followers to bring more eyes to your brand and grow your social following.

Social Media Strategy: we’ll work with you to create a social media strategy that aligns with your marketing and pr calendar to help you amplify your brand messaging in an exciting and effective way.

Social Media Advertising: get your brand in front of new audiences with targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sorry, we’re not bullish on Twitter advertising.

Psst… most of our clients hire us for all of the above for a complete social media package.

Email Marketing: let’s grow that list and create some incredible emails that will have your customers interacting with your brand, clicking, buying… all the good things.  

Business Development: it’s all about digital partnerships these days. We’ll work with you to identify great partnership opportunities and see them through from ideation to completion.

Affiliate management: are you an e-commerce brand? Let’s get you on an affiliate network and have publishers talking about you! We’ll set you up and manage the program so you can focus other exciting parts of your business.

Like we said in our “Who We Are” page, we’re pretty much your ultimate CMO, however, we don’t do PR! We do have plenty of PR agency recommendations and also enjoy working with in-house PR teams.

In addition, our contacts run deep in the UX/UI and development world, so hit us up if you’re looking for some recommendations.

See some of our work! (link to our work)




Let yourself be embraced by luxurious 500-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy down duvets. In each closet, you’ll find lambswool angora blankets and two or more bespoke chambray robes. Each towel, no matter the size, is 600-gram cotton terry for extra absorbency and softness. All our linens are made by UK bedding artisans Stella & Co.



It's no secret that some hotel shampoos and soaps make you dry and itchy. We approached independent soap makers Fine Cloud to craft lavender, rose, shea butter, and coconut oil-based toiletries that leave your hair and skin soft, smooth, and smelling great. We also have fragrance-free, avocado butter varieties for those with allergies.


Fine Dining On-Site

Our hotel is inspired by the global mid-century modern design movement, and in turn, our on-site restaurant and café, Continental, is influenced by cuisines around the world. Famous for her fusion dishes, head chef Layla Wu creates seasonal menus that still have a little bit of English flair. That’s right, you can still get your fish and chips, but don’t be surprised to taste a little tarragon.


In-Hotel Bar

The mixologists at our bar, Refill, create innovative and delicious cocktails with a chemist’s precision. Beers crafted by London’s best breweries are on tap and rotated monthly to keep our selections interesting. We also have a small stage where musicians and entertainers of all kinds perform for the sensory delight of our guests.